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Creditor, is an online company that offers short-term personal mini-loans. Its objective is to solve your problems that are caused in the short term with an efficient and fast loan. It will not be necessary for you to queue, wait for the phone to request your loan or talk to the bank’s directors. After choosing the amount you need, register with the company Credit If and once your credit is approved, the money you need may be available in your bank account in just 15 minutes or even less time.

Creditor is a company that takes its commitment very seriously to be responsible with the loans and also in the fact of being very transparent as to the costs that the realization of this loan will entail, without hiding any clause or any type of expense for your loan. this company is a member of an association which is the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments and have an admirable code of ethics whereby customers are explained how they work and carry out the applications and credits, as well as The philosophy they have as a company, mainly in dealing with the client.

What makes them different?

Mainly the honesty they have with the client and how much you will have to pay when making the repayment of your loan, there will be no hidden costs, no hidden fees or small bills that make you take a surprise when making the return of the loan. This company likes to give you as much information as possible so that you can see exactly how much your credit will cost before you request it, this information is without any commitment, so you are safe as a client when doing it.

The only way that there are changes or adjustments in the cost of your quick credit, is if you do not return the money in the time and form that was agreed. When you do not comply with your payment commitment agreed with the company, they will naturally generate a series of administrative processes which generate an extra expense on the part of the company that as a client you must cover, they are characterized by being a company that dislikes these processes and apply them, but they are necessary so that there are no arrears in payments. It is preferable, both for the client and the company, that the money be returned on time.

The company Creditor will keep in touch with you throughout the process of your mini loan, also the operators will be at your disposal always with the intention of supporting you and resolving any type of doubt you may have during the procedure, both to make the credit application and for the realization of the return.

Advantages to choose

One of the strongest advantages of applying for a loan with Creditor, is that its objective is to process each loan application in the shortest time possible, doing so quickly to the extent that in just a few minutes the application is approved, and in the Next 15 minutes you can be making use of the money.

Once you have registered with the company, if you request another credit, your request will be processed automatically, this means that the service will be even faster for you.

Main features

In Creditor they offer a maximum of 300 euros of loan for the clients that request their mini loan for the first time, but if you use the service in a responsible and correct way and later you request it again, the company will increase your level of confidence and can offer you an amount of higher money in case you need it.

In this efficient company are responsible at the time of granting the credits in an agile manner and are governed by a strict ethical code to ensure that they will be offering the best possible service to their customers. If you still wonder about how they work or about how to apply for a loan, you can always visit the help section of their website which is very well informed.



In order to be an applicant for a loan in Creditor, it is essential to have a permanent address in Spain, be of legal age and not have any legal restriction to act.

As the loan applicant you must make a request for your credit through the web page or by means of a brief telephone call in case this is the mechanism that you choose. On the website you can find a very simple form that you will have to fill out and send to Creditor.

At the time of submitting your loan application, you as a client or as an applicant must declare and state that there are no known circumstances that could have a negative effect on your ability to pay and the correct refund of the amount to be paid. Duty, in addition to all the information, as well as documents that you have provided to the company. Credit If true, true and up-to-date.

The lender Creditor will use, among other tools, the information you have provided to be able to make an analysis of the solvency you have, taking into account and to consideration aspects such as: the amount requested, the income, the ability to pay, the age, information on asset and credit solvency files, prior experience, third party companies that provide important information, together with technical statistics, etc.

The lender Creditor will inform you when requesting the loan through email or some other means of remote communication that you prefer, such as the SMS, that the loan application was received successfully.

Interest rate

Interest rate

The fees involved in the loan are comprised of an interest that can be consulted directly on your website at your disposal or that of the loan applicant and in the contract for the completion of the loan that is received prior to the formulation to request the loan.

The amount of the interest will be subject to the amount of the loan and will also depend on the duration of this. The interest that is applied and its value will be detailed in the particular conditions of the contract directly with the applicant that is delivered prior to the completion of the loan application. It is important to keep in mind that the loan will only be able to be made and returned in Euros.

When there is a situation of non-payment of the loan, they will continue to generate interest added to the interest rate established in the loan contract that the applicant declares to have been aware before accepting the contract and the conditions.

Since the term to make the repayment of the loan has expired, when the client has paid one hundred percent of the loan including the loan, the costs, or the interest and penalties in case there has been a delay, he will not recover no additional amount to this.

Types of loans offered

Types of loans offered

Creditor is an online company that is mainly responsible for offering quick and personal loans. Its realization will always be simple and quick so you can give a resolution to those unforeseen events that may affect your liquidity. Creditor can offer you from 50 euros to 500 euros to return in a period of 30 days. The form to request the credit is totally online, although there is also telephone advice for any situation that may arise.

If you are a new client, the ideal is to register at our website and verify your bank details. This will only take a few minutes, you should bear in mind that the more information you provide, the faster you will get a response.

Once you have completed the registration in your platform and in case you need to request another credit, the process will be even simpler and more agile, besides, in automatic, if you had a good answer with the previous loan, it will be approved in a way immediate The direct approval will be in a time so fast that you can not imagine.

How to apply for credits?

To apply for a loan successfully in Creditor is very easy because you only have to make a selection for the amount of money you want to be lent and when will be the time when you will return the payment, fill out the short form of request and you will be ready to wait for a response and be able to receive your money after a few minutes.

You can choose how much money you will need, as well as stipulate the return date and the company Credit If you are going to communicate with you to find out about the management costs that this process will generate, you will not be hidden nothing at all in terms of costs so that you do not misunderstand anything and so that you do not take any surprise when paying. The mission of the company is to be responsible, transparent and very fair at all times.

Extensions and postponements 

If for some reason your economic circumstances have worsened and you can not return the credit in the stipulated time, Creditor can always support you by giving you an extension and paying only a surplus for the extra days. In this company, the contact with the client is highly valued and they want a team work together with you to find the best solution and that both parties win. In case you do not have interest to solve or make the payment, you will be forced to pass your file to collection agencies that will get back in touch with you to recover the amount of credit. If it continues, they will send you to the delinquency files. This would have limiting consequences on your possibilities when requesting more credits, since there are many entities that consult this database. In Credit Yes, consider that the risk is not worth it so if you have problems to return the credit on time, do not request it or in case you have already requested it, contact them to reach a mutual agreement.

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