25,000 trees are donated by a private company to help reforest Costa Rica’s river basins

A total of 25,000 trees were donated to the Sembrando Agua Foundationin the Canton of Pérez Zeledonin order to reforest Costa Rica.The donation was made by the company Fresh Del Monte, which produces in Buenos Aires de Puntarenas, where it has developed a nursery to reforest its protected areas and make this type of alliance.

The first delivery will take place on June 5and (12,500) as part of World Environment Day. The second will take place on July 7and (12,500) to celebrate World Soil Conservation Day.

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Fresh Del Monte, dedicated to the production of fresh fruit for export, has had a tree nursery since 1992. It is estimated that since then 1,600,000 trees have been produced, enough to reforest 1,600 hectares.

According to company records, in 2021, 65,406 of those trees were donated to the same foundation. Also to government institutions, organizations, landowners, among others.

Improve habitat

Yellowbark, savannah oak, sotacacallo, tucuico, guayacán, guapinol, cenízaro, jorco, cedar and others are some of the species that have been donated over the years. “They have a different function and improve the habitat on the landowner’s land.

“Many are placed on the banks of rivers, to help protect the basins.” This was stated by Michael Calderón, director of the legal department and spokesperson for Fresh del Monte Costa Rica.

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