26 visions of hope for a sustainable future

To coincide with the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, National Geographic UK asked a range of voices – from climate scientists to young people campaigning for policy change – what they would like a sustainable future to look like over the years. Next 30 years. Here is what they said.

(Read more about National Geographic’s COP26 coverage here.)

Ali Tabrizi, director “One of my visions is that by 2030 the world will have moved to a more sustainable and ethical future by moving towards a plant-based diet. ”

Brian Buma, climate activist and National Geographic Explorer “For me, sustainability means not only learning to give up some of the modern conveniences that seem to improve our lives, but also learning to love giving up those conveniences. We should learn to love living as part of our natural world. (Read about Brian Buma’s search for the world’s southernmost tree.)

Celia Harper, founder, Junk London “My vision for the future is that we have a fully circular economy by using all the waste that we have already created and regenerating it into something new, especially in the fast fashion industry.” (Learn more about the impact of fast fashion on the environment.)

Chloe Nunn, multidisciplinary marine ecologist and National Geographic Explorer “I would like to see the ocean become a sustainable source of food, pharmaceuticals, coastal protection, biodiversity, drinking water and community resilience through multi-species farming of algae and molluscs.

Dan O’Neill, filmmaker and animal animator “My vision for the future is where we stop extracting unnecessarily at the expense of people and the planet, and we move towards a just transition away from fossil fuels.”

Disha Ravi, climate justice activist and writer “If there is one thing that I hope we will achieve over the next 30 years, it is to completely phase out fossil fuels and switch to sustainable green energy. ”

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