9 characters who left the show too soon

Because of Modern family revolving around three families, the focus is not on characters outside of the Dunphys, Tucker-Pritchetts, and Delgado-Pritchetts. But along the way, secondary characters from work, school and everyday life find their way into the lives of the main characters. However, there are a few minor characters that fans wish they had lasted longer.

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Outside opinions and intrigues complement Modern family and add more depth to the main characters. It can get tiring to see the same characters interacting with each other for 11 seasons, which is why the outside views and drama only made it Modern family a stronger sitcom.

ten Sonia ramírez

Sonia Ramirez cries on Modern Family

Gloria’s sister, Sonia, was considered a loving member of her family before she became a quiet villain. Sonia has always been delighted when she entered Gloria’s fabulous life. She eventually wanted life for herself and tried to seduce Jay behind Gloria’s back.

As always, Gloria’s tenacity took precedence over Sonia and Sonia returned to Colombia. However, fans loved the love / hate relationship between Sonia and Gloria and were hoping for more sister-in-law moments.

9 André

Andre talks to Phil in the aisle of Modern Family

When Phil started building a treehouse for Luke, he met his neighbor Andre in the process. Andre offered to help Phil, which surprised him as he had never met him before. Played by guest star actor Kevin Hart, his character became hopeful.

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Sadly, André was only in a few episodes of Season 3 before he disappeared completely. Viewers meet other families who also lived in Andre’s house afterwards, but it is not known what happened to him.

8 Clive Bixby and Juliana

clive bixby waiting for julianna - moden family

Clive Bixby and Juliana aren’t real characters, but they are Phil and Claire Dunphy’s alter egos. Their role play started on Valentine’s Day and continued through spontaneous date nights.

Phil and Claire are both incredibly dedicated to their roles and create stories for their characters without struggling. Seeing how Clive is mystified by Juliana makes every moment impulsive and exciting.

7 Pam

Pam and Cam Chat During Home Renovation on Modern Family

Pam is first introduced in “Schooled” when Cameron threatened her child to take it out on Lily. The two didn’t get off on the right foot and began to insult each other to protect their children. The manager suggested that the Pritchett-Tuckers and Pam and his wife set up a play date for their kids to start over.

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The playdate had its ups and downs, but Cam and Pam slowly became friends. Pam reappeared on “The Wow Factor” when Cameron and Claire were renovating a house and needed her professional advice. His presence proved that there was some sort of friendship between the two, but this was never dissected in later episodes.

6 Ruben Rand

Reuben was a character that fans wished for a happy ending. As Luke’s friend, Reuben appeared randomly throughout the series, especially when Alex was around. Reuben had always had a crush on Alex and had tried to become a potential lover.

Alex didn’t want to be with Reuben but she liked the attention and was caught kissing him several times. Finding out what happened to Ruben and his future would have been validation for his followers.

5 Vincent

Vincent talks to Jay and Mitchell on Modern Family

Fans were behind Jay and his best friend Vincent’s relationship. It was refreshing to see Jay having an endearing relationship with someone outside of the family; he showed his softer side. Vincent was Jay’s golf buddy and the two often spent time together when not working.

But once Vincent and his wife moved to Costa Rica, his friendship with Jay deteriorated. He made a cameo appearance in Season 9 upon his return from Costa Rica but their friendship was not the same.


3 Keith Banks

Keith Banks was the missing piece of Mitchell’s puzzle. Most of Cameron’s abandonment issues stemmed from his relationship with Keifth and it was obvious Cam needed to end that relationship.

Keifth eventually made an appearance in ‘Ringmaster Keifth’ and was a bundle of secrecy and magic. As a former ringmaster for the circus, Keifth was a true showman. Having him in Cam and Mitchell’s daily life would have been fun to watch.

2 Andy Bailey

Adam Devine and Sarah Hyland as Andy Bailey and Haley Dunphy in Modern Family

Fans of Team Andy were shocked when the couple broke up and returned to his home state of Utah. Other than Dylan, Andy was Haley’s most serious relationship. With Adam DeVine as Andy Bailey, he added his classic charm mixed with humor in every scene.

Andy returned in Season 9 when Hailey was hospitalized but disappeared from the show when she recovered.

1 Katie

Katie and Cam Chat at Modern Family Bar

When Cam and Mitch were at a bar one night, Mitchell made a bet with Cam that he wasn’t able to flirt with a straight woman and get her phone number. Cam approached a woman named Katie who seemed dizzy and eager to get to know Cam better, so she gave him her number. The two acted like lost best friends and got along as if they had known each other for years.

Katie showed up at the Tucker-Pritchett house the next day to sort out some details with Cam and promised to call her. But sadly, Katie and Cam were never shown again. Their connection was electric and was missed by friends even though it was only in one episode.

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