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Star Clippers is a unique sailing experience reminiscent of the golden age of sailing, but with all the modern conveniences of a private yacht. It combines destinations off the beaten track – they sail to the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Central America, Asia and the South Pacific – and exploring different cultures and histories while having the unique experience of sailing in a tall ship.

“Of course, the last two and a half years have been a challenge for the whole travel industry. But being a small shipping company sailing to remote places, offering lots of open deck space and being sustainable are great benefits in today’s environment and we are very positive about what lies ahead,” said Mirell Reyes, President of Star Clippers Americas.

Explore Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most popular routes – and seven-night sailings along the Pacific coast also call at ports in Nicaragua and Panama.

There are plenty of opportunities to explore the destination in an active and adventurous way. In Quepos, travelers can explore Manuel Antonio National Park comprised of tropical rainforests and more than a thousand species of flora. On Isla Tortuga, a dreamy island paradise fringed by tall coconut palms, sugary white sand beaches and emerald waters, travelers can snorkel and explore the variety of marine life found there.

Some favorite excursions on Costa Rican cruises include zipline canopy tours, soaking in the Vandará hot springs, eco-hike in the Mombacho reserve, and a cloud forest tour.

Traveling with children

Costa Rica’s diverse geography makes it an ideal vacation destination for families, as there’s plenty to explore and plenty of opportunities to learn about the natural environment.

More than half a million species of flora and fauna inhabit the country’s rainforests, where kids can spot monkeys, sloths, brightly colored tree frogs or one of more than 800 species of birds tropics in their natural habitat. Costa Rica’s beaches offer opportunities for snorkeling and even the chance to spot humpback whales. Older kids will love flying through the rainforest on a zipline or rappelling down a waterfall.

Touring Costa Rica aboard the Star Clipper lets families choose a different adventure in each port or spend the day playing on the beach. On board, older children can participate in mast climbing, learn to tie sea knots or hang out in the bowsprit net watching the dolphins.

Life aboard the Star Clippers

On all ships, travelers are allowed (and encouraged) to climb from the mast to the crow’s nest. At 75 feet above water level, the crow’s nest offers incredible views of the ship’s upper deck as well as the landscape beyond. Guests are also encouraged to attend knots or help with rigging to learn more about the sailing process.

A favorite spot on any Star Clippers ship is the bowsprit net, where guests can lie down with the ocean below them. The long bowsprit extends 30 feet forward from the bow and is open to passengers during the day. The hammock-like net hangs above the water and can be a place of excitement or reflection depending on the traveler.

Three ships using the wind

The three tall ships – Star Clipper, Star Flyer and Royal Clipper – are modern, authentic sailing ships and routes are created using wind charts to ensure ships can move as much as possible under the power of the wind. A popular experience is to be on the upper deck to sail and watch the nautical crew raise the sails.

Royal Clipper, the largest of the Star Clippers fleet at 439ft, holds the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest five-rig square-masted sailing ship in service, with 42 sails totaling 54,000 square feet. The ship carries 227 guests and features three swimming pools, a full-service spa, and a marina platform at the rear of the ship that can be lowered when the ship is moored to provide travelers with access to sports. water sports like snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing. free.

Star Clipper and Star Flyer are sister ships with identical deck plans. Each has over 36,000 square feet of sails and carries 166 guests. The outdoor tropical bar is a favorite gathering spot for guests, and two swimming pools on the upper deck are ideal for lounging in the sun. The interiors of all three ships are polished brass and mahogany, giving the impression that you are sailing on an authentic clipper.

Traveling on a sailboat

Star Clippers ships are true sailboats, and as such they are a unique way to sail. “Travelers often remark on how friendly and approachable crew members are, which may surprise cruisers used to the ‘top-down’ hierarchy on large ships,” says Reyes.

The line has an open deck policy and passengers are welcome to drop by and chat with the captain and duty officers at all times, except when the ship is maneuvering in and out of port.

“One of the stats we’re very proud of, and which I think speaks for itself, is that over 60% of passengers board a second Star Clipper sailing within the first year,” says Kings.

Eco-responsible travel

“Star Clippers ships are naturally green,” says Reyes. “They run on wind power as much as possible, which translates to less fuel used. In the Caribbean, ships run on wind power up to 70% of the time, minimizing the use of auxiliary engines. Sailing versus motor cruising means significantly lower fuel consumption and emissions Star Clipper and Star Flyer use very pure, high quality low sulfur diesel for which the company has been awarded the International Certificate of Prevention of air pollution.

And after

Said Reyes: “The possibility of adding a new vessel will always be on the horizon, especially with the high demand in the Mediterranean. With over 60% of regular passengers returning within the year, we need to be creative with our routes. We will continue to offer new places no other cruise line can access, creating unique itineraries for our frequent-traveling customers.

Covid and cruise

“There is no doubt that the global pandemic has caused major changes in the industry, and the need to be flexible, fluid, agile and patient has never been greater,” says Reyes.

She explains that moving forward; it is essential that they stay informed of changing protocols and restrictions in the countries Star Clippers visits so that we can adapt our processes and provide our customers with peace of mind when booking and traveling. Focusing on communications with our customers allows them to make the best possible travel decisions based on their comfort level.

Said Reyes: “I think the trend of cruising on small ships – which was increasing before the pandemic – is going to continue. Customers are looking for security with fewer people and more space per guest on board. Sailing on small ships also enables experiential travel – another trend we see growing. Unlike large liners, our ships stop at small ports and disembarkation is not a long process. Passengers can simply step off the ship and explore each port as they wish.

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