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Sat 28 May 2022



The World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour at Plengkung Beach (G-Land), Banyuwangi will be held from May 28 to June 4. The most prestigious surfing event was officially inaugurated today by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Zainudin Amali.

“Thank you, Banyuwangi, for your determination to organize this international event. Truly, we couldn’t be more proud,” Amali said accompanied by Regent Banyuwangi Ipuk Fiestiandani.

The best surfers in the world have arrived on the site for a few days. Among them are champions from the United States, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Costa Rica, South Africa, France, Hawaii and more.

Minister Amali said Banyuwangi has extensive experience in organizing international championships, such as Banyuwangi Ijen Tour, Banyuwangi International BMX, International Kite Surfing and other international sporting events. In fact, several have received recommendations from international organizations, including the Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen which received an “excellent” rating from the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

Indonesia is currently encouraging more events to promote sports tourism. “President Jokowi’s directive is to support sports tourism. That’s why we continue to encourage the holding of sporting events in Indonesia, such as the WSL in Banyuwangi. Add Amali.

He also assured that the Ministry of Youth and Sports will continuously support Banyuwangi in organizing more surfing events, especially since surfing is now included in the Olympics. “Next year’s WSL will also be held in Banyuwangi.”

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Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani, thanked the Ministry of Youth and Sports and other stakeholders for facilitating the event. “Thank you for the extraordinary support of Banyuwangi in holding this WSL. Thank you [Minister Amali] for help “,

Ipuk said the WSL could be the impetus for economic recovery and improvement. “That’s what made us focus on holding various sporting events because of their positive impact on the economy,” she explained.

The opening of the WSL was marked by a performance of traditional gandrung and barong dances, telling the story of Alas Purwo National Park, where Plengkung Beach is located. The segment was warmly received by WSL attendees. The atmosphere brightened when they were presented with the udeng (traditional headband), signature of the Banyuwangi.

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