Costa Rica banks

Digital currencies that matter

REPORTS Q (The Economist) Technological change is disrupting finances. Bitcoin has grown from an obsession with anarchists to a $ 1 billion asset class that many fund managers insist belongs in any balanced portfolio. Swarms of digital day traders have become a force on Wall Street. PayPal has 392 million …

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Best Banks in the World 2021: Central America

Global Finance presents this year’s best Central American banks. Few Central American governments had fiscal space over the past year to address the physical health of the people or strengthen the economic health of the country. This has made banks all the more important as bulwarks of stability and financial …

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Costa Rican Bank Accounts for Americans

Banking in Costa Rica is generally not associated with offshore tax havens because national authorities cooperate with international agencies to prevent illicit financial schemes or other financial crimes. In 2006, Costa Rica became the 21st country to sign the Inter-American Convention against Terrorism, which was created to end the financing …

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