Costa Rica economy

When the force of nature meets design

This article originally appeared on Circulate News. From the lush tropical rainforests of Costa Rica to the savannah-like Brazilian Cerrado to the glaciers of Patagonia, the region of Latin America and the Caribbean is rich and diverse in landscapes and natural resources. The region contains 40 percent of the world’s …

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Volcanic Women – The Activism of Exile

Interview with Heyling Marenco and Ximena Castilblanco, co-founders of Volcanicas, based in Costa Rica A women’s collective uses its online platform to tell the stories of Nicaraguan migrants, exiles and displaced people. By Katherine Estrada Tellez (confidential) HAVANA TIMES – It’s 10:00 am in San José, Costa Rica. Ximena Castilblanco …

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The Soviet spy who attacked Trotsky, was the Ambassador of Costa Rica, met the Pope and laid the foundation for Latin American studies in the USSR

At the end of 1953, the Costa Rican Ambassador to Italy and Yugoslavia, businessman Teodoro Bonnefil Castro, informed San José that he was going on an extended vacation, and two weeks later he resigned, arguing that his wife needed prolonged treatment in Switzerland. Then he disappeared without a trace. Thus …

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