Saving investment

VA loans vs installment loans

Decide between a VA loan or one installment loan may seem easy. No down payment, no mortgage insurance, a better interest rate – a VA mortgage wins hands down, right? But when you consider things like the VA financing fees and maybe put enough money on a installment mortgage to …

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You are a target of online fraud – fight

Millennials grew up online. Whether it’s making their first screen names with America Online in the 90s and digging through chat rooms, using HTML to personalize their Myspace pages in high school, and now managing their Instagram feeds, browsing the Internet is second nature to these digital natives. But this …

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Coronavirus unemployment deposit if you are self-employed

A new coronavirus relief package signed into law on Thursday extends unemployment benefits for the self-employed. American Rescue Plan breathes new life into temporary federal unemployment programs established under the CARES Act in March 2020, including the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program, which provides benefits to on-demand workers, freelancers and self-employed …

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