Chile sounds a warning signal across the region

Argentina’s negotiations with the IMF will focus minds in Latin America in the first quarter of 2022 – a March deadline if the country is to meet a tough debt repayment schedule.

Later in the year, its noisy neighbor, Brazil, will likely increase the volume to 11 as its polarized and wicked presidential election campaign climaxes. Important general elections in Colombia and Costa Rica are also eagerly awaited.

But it is Chile that will be the most significant history for the whole region. While the latest twists and turns on the stories of Argentina and Brazil recall the LatAm maxim “if you go for 10 days everything changes, if you come back after 10 years nothing has changed”, recent Chilean developments truly mark a departure. for the country.

What is changing – and why – reflects forces that Latin America and emerging markets around the world should pay more attention to.

The impact of the violent protests that rocked Chile in 2019 is still being felt. Even before the start of 2022, we will have the result of a very polarized election: with José Antonio Kast, right-wing candidate for those who regret the success of the social movement that brought about the fall not only of a government but of the constitution from the country.


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