Clean tech startups in Costa Rica will be able to access a fund

National start-ups in Costa Rica will be able to join the country’s effort to be a world power in clean technologies, Thanks to GreenTech Program, which has already opened its second call, available until July 31. Thanks to this initiative, companies will have the opportunity to access investment capital for an amount of approximately $ 50,000, from the Pomona Impact Fund, to grow their projects.

The program is an initiative of the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) and the Foundation for Cooperation of Costa Rica and the United States of America (CRUSA), in collaboration with the regional incubator Pomona Impact, located in Antigua, Guatemala, and with extensive experience in impact investing. These organizations work together to develop Costa Rica’s export offer based on environmentally friendly technologies.

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Participants will receive business support from mentors, advisors and investors, through group and individual sessions aimed at achieving international scalability of their business models and raising capital. Each company will benefit from personalized support according to the needs of its activity.

Companies committed to the environment

“Promoting the incubation and growth of Costa Rican green technology companies through programs such as GreenTech Costa Rica is no accident. As part of PROCOMER’s strategy, we seek to make the country’s export sector stand out in international markets through the consolidation of companies with a purpose, companies that have the essence of Costa Rica imprinted; that is, companies in which the commitment to the environment, the desire to promote social development and, of course, constant economic growth stand out, ”said Pedro Beirute, Managing Director of PROCOMER.

On the other hand, Flora Montealegre, executive delegate of the CRUSA Foundation, underlined the program as a promoter of the green economic model proclaimed by Costa Rica. “From the CRUSA Foundation, we are promoting Costa Rica’s transition to a green, inclusive and innovative economy. We are convinced, now more than ever, that the economic recovery must be oriented towards smart and sustainable growth, which builds on our main strengths as a sustainable country. In this sense, the GreenTech Costa Rica program is committed to strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem green technologies with the ambition of making the country a laboratory for innovation and consolidating an increasingly green exportable offer, ”she declared.

Best effort to create a future of sustainable growth

Daniel Granada, Partner at Pomona Impact and Strategic Director of GreenTech Costa Rica, also highlighted the benefits of the program. “If the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself, the GreenTech Costa Rica program represents our vision and our best efforts to create a future of sustainable growth for Central America. This incubation program aims to support businesses entering a phase of growth and expansion, and to provide them with the support and financing they need to take the next step in their escalation journey, ”he said. -he declares.

Once companies have been selected, their incubation process will run from August to December of this year. For more information on the program requirements and the registration form, you can visit

The first edition of GreenTech took place between December 2020 and April this year, a period in which eight Costa Rican startups from various industries participated, but all developers of innovation in the field of green technologies.

Among the results of the companies of the previous cycle, the conception of commercial and market strategies based on clear growth objectives stands out. This includes ‘stakeholder’ mapping, effective value proposition communication, website and social media, rebranding, new product lines, customer management software, among others.

The development of strategic plans was also carried out on the basis of the definition of its short and long term objectives, the brand promise, the organizational structure, financial and operational monitoring indicators.

Finally, an analysis of its financial structures was also carried out, which involves the review of the cost structure, financial projections, identification of financial and operational risks, assessment of the company, creation of scenarios for the different financing needs and interests (credit / investment). Business results depend on individual needs.

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