Clearview plans to expand database and add biometric capabilities, according to leaked pitch deck

An investor presentation obtained by The Washington Post revealed the extent of Clearview AI’s ambitions, including a massive expansion of its face database and the addition of new biometric capabilities to its platform.

The company became famous for scouring the internet – including social media platforms – to create a huge database of images for a facial recognition platform which it pitched to law enforcement and organizations around the world. private sector. People like Twitter and Facebook have called on him to stop scraping images from their platforms, and it has come under scrutiny from multiple government regulatory agencies around the world.

In response, Clearview has not only persisted, but aims to accelerate its efforts. Its database recently surpassed the 10 billion image mark, and its pitch deck for investors said the company is “on track” to hit 100 billion face images within a year. according to To postreport. The company is looking to reach a point where “virtually everyone in the world will be identifiable”.

The pitch deck also indicated Clearview’s ambition to target additional markets beyond the policing sector, targeting potential customers in areas such as the gig economy, where its technology could be used to monitor workers. This aligns with a recent statement from Clearview CEO Hoan Ton-That, in which he said Airbnb, Lyft and Uber represent “examples of the types of companies that have shown interest in Clearview’s facial recognition technology. AI for the purposes of consent-based identity”. verification”.

Retail, online shopping and financial services were listed as other potential revenue streams, with government contracts representing only a small portion of what Clearview AI considers its total addressable market.

That being said, the company’s pitch deck, which was obtained by the To post from a person who attended an investor presentation in December, said Clearview expects its revenue from federal government agencies to reach $6 million in 2022, thanks to contracts with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, as well as a planned expansion of the contract with the Drug Enforcement Agency. Clearview also recently won a research contract focused on Air Force smart glasses.

And “rapid international expansion” is underway, with Clearview saying it has signed contracts with entities in Costa Rica and Panama and is seeking new opportunities in Latin America.

A technological expansion is also in the cards. Clearview AI tells investors in its pitch deck that it is continuing its R&D efforts regarding gait recognition and contactless fingerprint identification, as well as computer vision capabilities for recognizing firearms, drugs and license plates.

The company was looking to raise $50 million to fuel all of these efforts through a Series C funding round. The funds would be used to bolster its engineering and sales teams, increase data acquisition, and lobby government regulators, among other business activities.

Sources: Washington Post, Vice

February 18, 2022 – by Alex Perala

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