Costa Rica advances in its conviction to protect the oceans

Conversations between nations continue, where in-depth analysis is made of what a “blue wedding ringis, at strengthen the protection of the oceans. In the talks, Costa Rica has particular leadership, as the country has proposed to the British Minister for the Environment, Zac Goldsmith, that the protection of the oceans, scientific research and development remain on the table, in addition to the blue economy..

The proposal was voiced during Goldsmith’s recent visit to the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It should be noted that the United Kingdom recognizes the work of the Central American country in international forums, among which we highlight the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor and the negotiations of the Intergovernmental Conference on Marine Biodiversity in Areas Beyond Jurisdiction national. Something very important and special is that Costa Rica will not stop its efforts to become the leader of what will be the Summit of the Oceans for the year 2025.

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Pacific Ocean Coast Climate Action Alliance

Every action in favor of the well-being of our oceans and therefore of the planet adds up and everything grew from Costa Rica, long before COP25, which was held a few years ago in Madrid, Spain.

During the International Summit, Costa Rica, together with Indonesia, Fixed Island and Panama, highlighted the criticism of the oceans and the Earth’s climate system, later the nations present decided to formally integrate a dialogue on the relationship between the ocean and the climate.

The “Alliance for Climate Action of the Pacific Ocean Coast” was born within the framework of COP25, in the said alliance, actions included in three fundamental themes were proposed: the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, the maximization ocean mitigations and building ocean resilience. and coastal ecosystems. With this initiative, countries are trying to unite their efforts for the conservation of the ocean which concerns the five continents.

France left an open invitation to Costa Rica during the visit

In December, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian, was in Costa Rica and the strengthening of the alliance between the two nations was learned.

During the visit, the representative of France left President Carlos Alvarado an invitation for 2022, recommending that Costa Rica continue to protect the oceans.

The invitation relates to what will take place in February, the “One Ocean Summit”, the event aims to define specific measures for the protection of the oceans of the entire planet.

Note that the alliance led by Costa Rica, France and Great Britain proposes the protection of 30% of maritime and terrestrial ecosystems by 2030.

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