Costa Rica approves a bill that authorizes the cultivation of Cannabis:

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With the support of 29 deputies, the bill which authorizes the cultivation of cannabis was approved.

The initiative aims to regulate and authorize the access and use of cannabis and its derivatives exclusively for medical and therapeutic purposes.

In addition, it authorizes the production, industrialization and marketing of hemp for industrial and food use and of psychoactive cannabis for exclusively medicinal and therapeutic purposes and its derivative products.

It also aims to promote economic and social development in rural areas of Costa Rica, encouraging the production, industrialization and commercialization of hemp and psychoactive cannabis for exclusively medicinal and therapeutic purposes and its productive derivatives.

The deputy promoter of the initiative Zoila Volio Pacheco pointed out that with the approval of the initiative, a light of hope is given to patients who need this treatment.

She also highlighted the contribution she will make to the economic development of rural areas. Deputy Zoila Volio Pacheco also pointed out that the project opens up possibilities for important transformations and that it will serve to change the models of agribusiness in Costa Rica.

Deputy Yorleny León Marchena highlighted the support that the ruling party gives to the project, which she says will bring great benefits not only to Costa Rica’s economy, but also to health.

Congresswoman Carolina Hidalgo Herrera was among those who opposed the bill because of the negative effects it claims to have.

The president said he would review the bill before deciding whether to sign it or not, but lawmakers asked the president not to veto the law and to respect the will of the majority.

Commercial and cultivation licenses for this new industry will last for six years and can be renewed.

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