Costa Rica Congress approves benefits for international digital nomads

With 41 votes in favor, the Costa Rican deputies approved from the first debate the bill to attract remote workers and service providers of an international nature called digital nomads. The initiative, promoted by the liberator Carlos Ricardo Benavides, aims to attract foreigners looking to work remotely in the country. The legislator’s plan aims to reactivate the economy.

“In order to promote long-term stays in Costa Rica and to increase the expenditure of resources of foreign origin in the country”, specifies the project. Benavides celebrated the approval of the initiative, as – in his opinion – it will bring benefits to the tourism and trade sector. “Digital nomads are people whose income cannot be less than $ 3,000 per month if he travels alone or $ 5,000 if he travels with his family,” said the deputy.

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Reactivate the economy

“Our goal is that for many months they rent their accommodation in hotels, villas or apartments, visit our national parks and eat in restaurants. Also that they shop in supermarkets and various businesses, travel the country and spend their resources on various business and professional services in our communities, ”he continued. The projection is that some 10,000 digital nomad families will inject around $ 600 million annually into the country.

Main advantages

Immigration benefits for those who benefit from this category relate to one-year permits, extendable for an additional year and only once. To authorize this extension, the beneficiary must have stayed in the country for a minimum of 180 days during the year initially granted. Another plus they will have will be the total exemption from paying income tax, although this is not applicable for their family group.

“If a member of the family group intends to obtain this benefit, he must apply for it and comply with all the requirements of the direct beneficiary”, specifies the plan. In addition, they will be exempt from paying import taxes on basic personal computers and computer equipment. Regarding the driving license, the one issued in your country of origin will be valid on Costa Rican territory. Beneficiaries of this law can open savings accounts in banks of the national banking system, as established by the initiative. “All the services established here will be governed by the same conditions as the immigration service granted”, underlines the project.

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