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Costa Rica. Costa Rica has cemented its position as one of the best countries in the region, ranking fourth in the annual Country Brand Ranking – Tourism Edition, prepared by Bloom Consulting. For the first time, our country overtook Brazil in a list led in the Americas by the United States, Mexico and Canada in the top three places, respectively.

This study comprehensively analyzes the brand performance of nearly 200 countries and territories around the world. Its methodology consists of four integral variables: economic performance, digital demand, country brand strategy – CBS Rating and online performance.

“Wildlife Wonders Costa Rica has improved its performance on social media and online. Strong digital demand from tourists in the United States has been key to this success. By betting on sustainability as the engine of its economy, Costa Rica is consolidating itself as an example for other countries that opt ​​for the same strategy,” said the study by Bloom Consulting.

The relative advantage that the country currently enjoys is based on the differentiation and enhancement of our country as a travel option, which is the product primarily of promotional and marketing actions, within the framework of a planned and uninterrupted process of several years, which required economic and human resources.

“In an industry as competitive as tourism, which is also very heterogeneous, marketing, advertising and public relations actions undeniably contribute to positioning the destination in the minds of the best prospects or tourists with a great interest in us. visit from our priority markets,” said Carolina Trejos, Marketing Director of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

This position was also achieved by the country strategy which was coherent, congruent and visibly well received by all the sub-sectors: tourism, investment, trade and external relations, with a country message for everyone, everyone working from their area.

Compared to other economic activities, the weight of tourism is up to 4 percentage points higher than the activity of services such as IT and up to 5 percentage points higher than banana cultivation which contributes of 1.1% to the country’s economy.

Trejos added that “the joint work we do from ICT. marketing the destination, strengthening the positioning of the country’s brand and being a promotional platform for private sector companies that decide to participate, for example, in the international fairs and events that we organize, is rewarded with this recognition. It also shows the resilience of Costa Rica and that behind tourism there is a path that benefits everyone; we are a small country with a big vision.

The spokesperson concluded by saying that overtaking Brazil in this ranking in a year of recovery is very positive, it shows the efforts made by the country and how tourism has done a great job in terms of image, product and of sustainability, benefits that extend to the sectors of investment, trade and diplomacy.

“Nine years after its creation, Esencial Costa Rica has better understood the digital ecosystem, generating valuable information that can be used in other ways for a digital consumer who evolves and demands reliable and interesting information for their decision-making” , added Daniel Valverde, Communications, Marketing and Country Brand Director, PROCOMER.

Valverde added that “the good performance of Esencial Costa Rica also has a positive impact on the commerce sector, where in the same ranking of its Commerce edition, Costa Rica has increased, entering the Top 10 of the continent”.

How is the classification done?

Bloom Consulting publishes the Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking each year in two distinct versions: Tourism and Commerce. The main objective of the Tourism Publishing and Commercial Publishing Country Brand Rankings for the years 2022-2023 is to measure the impact that perceptions and awareness at the international level can have over time in each country brand.

The ranking determines a country’s position based on its economic performance based on previous economic history and is a picture of the efforts made by each country. The ranking uses dozens of variables to position countries by facts and mathematical algorithms rather than pure opinion, as brand rankings from other countries do. The methodology measures the consistency between a country’s external messages and its actual economic performance.

The higher a country is on the list, the better it will compare to its competitors in positioning itself to attract foreign direct investment or tourists.

The country brand is a term or concept used in marketing and communication to designate the intangible value of the notoriety and brand image of a country through multiple aspects, such as its products, whether touristic, cultural , athletes, businesses and/or public bodies, which determine the values ​​associated with this nation. A good country brand is an added value for the products of this territory, as well as for tourism, the attraction of foreign capital, the recruitment of labor and its political and cultural influence in the world.

Creation of the Essential Country Costa Rica brand

The Government of Costa Rica, through Executive Decree No. 37669 of March 22, 2013, signed by former President of the Republic Laura Chinchilla Miranda and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, as well as other institutions, established a regulation that created and organized a national committee for the development of a country brand based on previous experiences related to the “Costa Rica, without artificial ingredients” campaign, regulated the use of the country brand Costa Rica and said it was in the public interest to do so.

This process was delegated to other institutions and finally the national brand “Costa Rica Essential” was launched in September 2013, after a four-year process in which the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the promoter of foreign trade and CINDE initially intervened.

Some recognitions obtained by Essential Country Brand Costa Rica are:

2019 – Country Brand of the Year Winner, City Nation Place, UK.

2019 – Joining the Itc Sustainability Map, Switzerland.

2020 – Brand Strategy Winner, Place Marketing Forum, France.

2020 – Success Story at Nordic Place Branding Forum, Finland.

2020 – Presidency of the Ibero-American Council of Country Brands.

2021 – Literature Case Study: Nation Branding, Keith Dinnie, Nation Brand Builders, José Filipe Torres.

2022 – Success story at the Foro Empresarial Imagen de Chile.

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