‘Dominica’ tops list as one of the safest countries: World Citizenship Report

‘Dominica’ tops list as one of the safest countries: World Citizenship Report

The Commonwealth of Dominica has won the title of the “safest places in the Caribbean and Latin America”, as revealed by the World Citizenship Report (WCR).

Considering data from the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2021 and the World Governance Indicators (WGI), the World Citizenship Report (WCR) ranked the Caribbean Nature Island third in the region with an overall score of 77.3 , which puts her at the 33rd safest spot internationally.

In the Caribbean region, Dominica trailed Uruguay’s safety and security score of 82 and Costa Rica’s of 79.

Iceland, Switzerland and France topped the global rankings, while large economy countries such as France (76.5), the United States (64.4) and the United Arab Emirates (65 ,9) rank far behind Dominica.

The report further mentions recent weather calamities that have occurred in the Caribbean and gave Dominica a high ranking as authorities on the island prioritize rapidly expanding climate-resilient infrastructure.

“The region has focused more on physical security, rule of law and political stability. Notably, Dominica leads in areas such as voice and accountability, where citizens feel empowered to hold leaders accountable to their needs and aspirations.

The report further suggests that “Caribbean citizenship enables citizens around the world to access some of the world’s best tourism and economic markets through its growing list of visa-free and visa-on-arrival destinations.

But COVID-19 has subjected international travel to a major question, which has made them more suspicious of the functioning of health systems as to whether they can handle the health crisis.

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