Global Elections 2022: Global Rise of Alpha Dreamers

Who are these five billion alpha dreamers around the world? are they globally connected, mostly silent and invisible among billions of people around the world? How did they slowly come together to form the “most informed bloc” of global audiences that has ever existed in human history? What are their main objectives and what are their targeted objectives? On the surface, they yearn for the common good and grassroots prosperity.

A new global consciousness is emerging; at this point, their lights and world influences are mostly unknown to them, accidentally and randomly stumbling across the knowledge of the world, bringing them here, as if simply growing a new world forest. A super-powerful popular force, their goals will slowly fortify themselves as a manageable world opinion, in pursuit of the common good. Not to be confused with a regular age-based generation labeled by academia; it’s more like the sum total of humanity’s intelligence once the hyper-interconnectedness has created its own new global voice, indispensable for addressing global challenges. The storm of new national elections faces a new world opinion, but how?

The old flat earth is missing: Once our ancient world believed that the earth was flat, today our world is also at the same point but needs a drastic change. Metal tubes with lenses in clever hands with special vision changed the fear of falling from flatness to accepting a spherically rotating universe. The Renaissance has happened, new worlds have been discovered, new lights have arrived. Millions of commoners have confined themselves but change has come. Unstoppable was the strength of humanity.

Observe our visible damage: Throughout the free world, there is a lack of depth in the school of political science, there is a void in the structuring of government, and there is a distinct void in national leadership of sorts. Lacks of grassroots prosperity and social justice are generally visible as global damage to global citizenship. Therefore, this is the global opinion of ordinary people on the common streets of the world, connected through the common thread of digital communication. They are ‘Alpha’ because they are the first thinking force and ‘Dreamers’ because they are the first big groups dreaming of change. Alpha dreamers for the first time have enough on-going knowledge to come up with better solutions than the old schools and failing institutions of our time.

Listen to the distant noise: Over the past two decades, societies large, small, rich and poor around the world have increasingly had individual digital connections, slowly transforming into local voices and opinions bouncing to local, regional, national and now global levels. Observe the similarity of answers to all questions about world affairs on any ordinary street all over the world. Notice the hardening of opinion and the display of diverse but sharp current knowledge on the subject. Thanks to the unstoppable global rains and thunderstorms of social media technologies. Local public opinion that once dominated and controlled the narratives of local election experts around the world is now being swept away by global opinion and a stark new warning of the lack of understanding of an interconnected global era.

Humanity is diverse and tolerant: Such a mature understanding of the problems of the world age by the world masses still largely seeks diversity, tolerance and peace. However, openly identifies the lack of grassroots prosperity as the number one problem while also acknowledging the vested interests behind all the chaos. The tribalization of local communities as special agenda planning is openly visible in developed economies. However, the global population of the world is restless, according to the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace, showing across the world some 230 demonstrations in some 110 countries in recent times. Most protests are about political discourse demanding economic well-being and rarely about attacking other nations.

Children of 2000: Overall, children born in 2000, now 22 years old, under the age of the Internet, already have much more “world knowledge”. Centuries ago, it took nearly 100 years to gain knowledge about the world and those lucky ones with some global understanding spoke only a few last words of wisdom on their deathbed. Therefore, flat earth believers have lasted for millennia.

Humanity is not animality: Today, the “children of the year 2000” alone possess a far greater volume of global knowledge at such an early age than any previous civilization ever created. Therefore, it is possible that only one generation in the years to come will be equipped enough to decide the future of humanity on the broken old systems that are now openly destroying all major functionality of humanity. Humanity is not animality. “Excerpts from the “Children of 2000” brochures published in 1985, followed by a series of lectures by Naseem Javed” Investigate more “Population Rich Nations” and “Knowledge Rich Nations” on Google.

Notice the silence in the roundhouses: Today, openly visible economic damage, openly exposed skill levels, lack of social justice and measured basic economics. Only five-star triple blanket economies, in the hands of addicted fake cash driving the world like crash test dummies towards nuclear war as if in a comedy episode, a Netflix series finale set for new colonies on Mars. No thanks. Humanity has a long way to go, let’s all go together.

National Mobilization of Hidden Talents: Observe how Imran Khan of Pakistan has mobilized and connected with the nation and how digitized nations are now oceans of connected public opinion. Notice how 100 other nations are in similar situations, beating old-fashioned political pundits for ignoring global age issues. The youth of the world needs a national mobilization of entrepreneurship to elevate the local economy of small and medium enterprises, women and untapped citizens of the world are tired of incompetence in economic development. It’s a digitized world now. Investigate more on Google.

Why is the United States not alone? In 2022 alone, around the world, some 35 other nations will also go through national elections. Here is the list, in no particular order, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Philippines, Tunisia, Somalia, Chad, Libya, Mali, Gambia, and Republic of Congo, Senegal, Angola, Kenya, Sao Tome and Principe, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti , Costa Rica, Colombia, Lebanon, Bahrain, Serbia, Slovenia, Malta, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nauru, Fiji, Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea.

The eye of the storm: The 2022 United States midterm elections take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 Senate seats contested. Thirty-nine state and territorial governors and numerous other state and local elections were contested. There are victories in the air, there are defeats in the breeze, a cyclone of uncertainty is building and the blizzard of economic frost awaits. Are Americans also becoming wiser and more connected to the world?

What is planned for a radical change? When billions are in motion to vote, choose, lose or decide, listen to the tectonic changes, certain peace repairs or certain wars created. Wars have never been decided by mobs of citizens advancing on other nations, only leadership as economic policy decisions. Our interconnectedness, humanity’s gift, the green economy, has put Lorenz’s chaos theory to the test; the flapping wings of a butterfly caused a cyclone in distant lands. Watch out, when a strategic push of a few small things suddenly sweeps across the world, creating the perfect storm of our times. A great change is now essential because a new era will break out.

Select an action plan: Will the Internet Kill Switch or Complete Elimination of Electricity Save Today’s Lingering Power? Will there be bold open national debates or an anaconda of silence will strangle all discussion? Will riot gear become the priority of budget items over basic prosperity issues? Will the connected alpha dreamer pick better options and vote smart? Nevertheless, critical thinking will eventually become common thinking; humanity is still resilient, otherwise it lives in caves. Choose wisely. The rest is easy.

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