International: World Bank Suspension and Exclusion Office launches Global Suspension and Exclusion Directory

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The World Bank Office of Suspension and Debarment recently announced the launch of the Global Suspension and Debarment Directory, a comprehensive resource on exclusion systems in 23 different jurisdictions and institutions, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Estonia, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Korea, Republic of the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Poland, Rajasthan, India, Serbia, South Africa, Sweden, High Commission United Nations Refugee Council, United States, World Bank Government Procurement, World Bank Group Sanctions System and WTO Government Procurement Agreement 2012.

The new directory is the product of the 2020 Global Survey on Suspension and Exclusion, a global survey launched in March 2020 that collected data and information on exclusion systems. The Directory describes how these jurisdictions use exclusion mechanisms to prevent certain providers from accessing public funds. The inventory includes categories such as government-wide exclusion framework, operation and application of the government-wide exclusion system, substantial government-wide exclusion grounds, government-wide scope and effect of exclusion; government-wide transparency and exclusion list; and Scope exclusion systems for each jurisdiction studied.

Baker McKenzie is well equipped to assist clients with suspension and exclusion cases, with related experience in most of the jurisdictions and institutions cited in this survey.

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