Live in harmony with nature at Costa Rica’s Reserva Conchal

In a remote corner of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province sits an eco-oasis named Reserva Conchal, a sustainable resort an hour’s drive from Liberia International Airport. This sprawling community includes luxury homes, resorts and hotels that coexist in harmony with the natural environment. Powered by renewable energy, with on-site recycling, a water treatment facility, and the nation’s first and only desalination plant, this eco-friendly destination is just what you need for a post-COVID escape.

Spread over 2,300 acres along the North Pacific Coast, Reserva Conchal seduces with its pristine white sand beaches, rolling hills, and plentiful hiking and water sports opportunities. The FIFCO (Florida Ice & Farm Company)-supported development has become a pioneer of sustainable living in Costa Rica, offering visitors and homeowners the opportunity to enjoy nature’s bounty, while leaving such a minimal footprint. as possible, in accordance with the parent company. company motto, “Sharing a better way to live with the world”.

A stay at Reserva Conchal at the family-friendly Westin All-Inclusive or the all-new W Costa Rica, or a real estate investment, sublet, or vacation rental, is sure to restore your zest for life, while being mindful of your environmental impact. . .

Living at Reserva Conchal

Living at W Residences, or one of the residential complexes in the exclusive Reserva Conchal community, means connecting with nature on a deeper level, with access to golden beaches, surfing, walking, kayaking, paddle boarding, Mountain biking, sunbathing, and more. Everywhere you look, trees endemic to the region, such as the Malinche, Jobo and Carao trees, add shade and color to the experience, while howler monkeys make their presence known from tree branches. trees very high in the canopy.

Each of the residences – beginning with Bougainvillea, the first to open in 2002 – offers luxury homes and villas designed with comfort, creativity and sustainability in mind. Their designs range from traditional to tropical contemporary, and communities are named after colorful flowers that bloom all around, from Cortez Amarillos to Roble Sabana.

W Residences’ newest addition offers hotel-inspired living, with added perks. Their aesthetic is a continuation of the eco-friendly W Hotel, inspired by the Guanacaste trees that majestically fill the landscape with their umbrella-like branches. Appearing to float among several Bursera Simaruba trees like a treehouse, each of the W Residences blend seamlessly with nature, with curved ceilings and large clear windows to take in the view, and bathrooms with perforated membranes inspired by the local fauna and flora of the dry areas of the region. forest. Each house has its own swimming pool and each room a terrace to admire the surroundings.

The on-site Beach Club, featuring an open-air restaurant overlooking the turquoise sea, sparkling pool, fitness center, spa, and car-free beach, is a great spot for families. The communities are only a two minute drive from the Beach Club and the extensive Audubon certified golf course. Designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones II, the 18-hole championship golf course is for golfers of all skill levels. In line with sustainability goals, the golf course is designed to use 90% reclaimed water for irrigation and has bio-corridors for animals to cross safely.

Unwavering commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of Reserva Conchal and measures are in place to support a lifestyle that benefits the environment. Nearly 1,400 solar panels on the property provide about 7% of the hotels’ electricity, and the rest of the buildings and homes are powered by thermal renewable energy from Costa Rica.

Since Reserva Conchal is located in one of the driest areas of Costa Rica, the utmost care is taken in reusing and reusing water. Reserva Conchal has launched the country’s first desalination plant, a multimillion-dollar facility that turns seawater into usable water to irrigate areas around residences and hotels. To ensure that not a drop is wasted, wastewater generated by residences and hotels is managed on-site at the treatment plant, and the resulting water is reused to irrigate the golf course and gardens. .

To combat plastic waste, the resort community launched a BE H2OK plan to reuse the majority of plastic bottles and promote the refilling of reusable water bottles. The program has significantly reduced the use of plastic for drinking water. People living at Reserva Conchal are encouraged to recycle their waste in separate bags, which are then processed on-site where diligent staff classify, separate and reuse all waste. Thus, nearly 85% of waste is recycled or reused. Waste from resorts and hotels that cannot be recycled is composted on site and turned into fertile soil for the gardens and nursery.

Visitors and owners have the opportunity to volunteer in beneficial activities, such as beach cleanups, reforestation, food banks, park maintenance, and support for Indigenous communities. One such volunteer program has led to the planting of 15,000 trees at the Reserva Conchal nursery, which are revitalizing fragmented habitats, restoring biodiversity and increasing the density of the canopy that howler monkeys depend on for survival.

Caring for wildlife and communities

One of the key elements of a sustainable business is preserving unspoiled natural areas and supporting communities. Within Reserva Conchal, an area of ​​nearly 98 acres is set aside as a nature reserve and the majority of the remaining land remains untouched so wildlife can thrive. Costa Rica has 5% of the world’s biodiversity; as such, care is taken to preserve the animals that inhabit these forests. Encompassing a range of ecosystems, from tropical dry forest to mangroves, the reserve is home to jaguars, pumas, white-faced monkeys, anteaters, white-tailed deer and around 80 species of birds. The on-site education center offers weekly tours to local youth, allowing them to learn about beekeeping, biodiversity, wildlife protection, recycling and planting seeds to protect their environment for years. generations.

To empower women in surrounding communities, Reserva Conchal launched an organic farming initiative, Hortalzas Najiu (Najui is a Chorotega word for women and Hortalizas means vegetables), in collaboration with the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA). Run by three women, the farm produces green vegetables and herbs, which are then sold to restaurants at the Westin and W hotels. During the COVID-19 closures, Reserva Conchal donated produce to surrounding families. A hydroponic watering system recycles water daily and the plants feed on the compost produced from the hotel’s waste.

Through outreach initiatives, including being instrumental in opening the first fire station on the coast, improving the local medical clinic, and establishing the Brasilito Police Station, Reserva Conchal plays a role active in building up community members. The Dual Education program, in partnership with the National Institute of Apprenticeship (INA), offers courses for those who wish to become professional cooks and waiters/bartenders. Corporate volunteering allows staff members to be paid to dedicate their time for the good of society, whether through vaccination clinics, reforestation campaigns, maintenance of local parks and community centers .

Living in Costa Rica means being immersed in wild nature, indulging in all kinds of adventures with a light footprint. With a pristine beach as your backyard and Guanacaste and its incredible biodiversity, natural beauty and culture at your doorstep, you’ll be closer to tropical bliss in a way that’s good for the planet and your soul.

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