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32-34 Elm St: PSJ Realty LLC to Matthew J. Kicinski and Marc P. Tetreault, $1,100,000

197 High St Unit 17: Jing Wei Xiong to Jing Xue, $436,000


25 Berry Patch Ln: Julie D. and Robert A. Napolitano to Perri J. Maduri and Christopher W. Pickul, $1,575,000


8 Book St: Francis P. and Marla Tobin to Colins Y. Leugna and Doriane Tchouyi-Kemajou, $870,000

20 Concord Rd: Elias C Behrakis RET and Elias C. Behrakis to Amanda M. and Brian P. Kiernan, $780,000

55 Glennon Avenue: Herbert Reynolds to Diro and Thida T. Dim, $344,900

1856 Lakeview Avenue: Michael and James Tsitsianopoulos to John D. and Joyce Y. Sinnett, $520,000

31 Leavitt St: 31 Leavitt Street LLC to Gary B. Thach and Gena S. Tha, $760,000

148 Salisbury St: Boce Zhang and Haiqi Li to Saron Sao, $565,000

10 Shea St: Shea Dracut LLC to Gabriel and Lauren M. Reyes, $480,000

15 Superior Ave: Donna T. Friedman and Frank Krikor-Minasian to Colin J. Beauregard and Kelley A. Beavers, $401,000

286 Wheeler Rd: CCL Holdings LLC to Evan and Catherine Lukasiak, $650,000

286 Wheeler Rd: Berube Lane LLC to CCL Holdings LLC, $325,000


164 Pond St: Johana Procopio RET and Johana Procopio to Lindsey and Matthew Duggan, $776,000

6 Raymond Road: Michelle A. Costa to Christine and Jeffrey Touma, $1,030,000


No transactions in this city


6 5th Ave Unit 2: 6 Fifth RT and Hassan Hussein to Andrew J. Coppola, $157,900

10 Alpine Dr: Raymond E. and Velma M. Cormier to Brandon Antonelli, $450,000

31-33 Ashland St Unit 7: Daniel and Liberata Letteri to Jarrod Mullen, $240,000

207 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 207: Paul J Seamans IRT and Paul J. Seamans to Gaelle Nana, $205,000

26 Chandler St: Thomas J. and Veronica E. Lucciano to Michael J. Doherty and Aimee E. Soulios, $427,500

68 Crystal Lake Rd: Roy E. Record to Felix A. Medina, $280,000

99 Front 9 Dr: Front 9 Drive LLC to Christine A. and John Harrington, $690,000

28 Grove St: I&J Properties LLC to Juan Lopez, $335,000

70 High St: Richard A. Cayer to Alma A. Acosta and Ramon A. Lora, $495,000

125 Kenoza Avenue: Grondin Realty LLC to Mazraany Construction LLC, $640,000

129 Kenoza Avenue: Grondin Realty LLC to Mazraany Construction LLC, $640,000

40 Lawrence Street: Anna Jones to Lani Evans, $355,000

100 Lawrence St Unit 21: Soma Ghorai to Mariceli Mota, $220,000

10 Littlefield Ct Unit 10: Hennessey Philip East and Karen A. Pelletier to Richard Brust and Mary Turcotte, $304,900

199 Monument Street: Debra Perkins and Peter R. Prescott to Richelieu P. Elome and Christienne Wesley, $475,000

12 Myles Standish Dr. Unit 10: Barbara A. Mackenzie to Brandon M. Haak, $232,000

22 Niagara St: Michael L. Agosta and Debra M. Boyce to New England Hm Buyers LLC, $440,000

440 North Ave Unit 223: 223 RT and Sheila M. Mahoney to Justin A. Folger, $187,000

440 North Ave Unit 251: Dinorah Deleon to Angel M. and Stephanie Deleon, $244,000

337 River St: Riverane LLC and Max Mtg Lending I LLC to 337-339 River Street LLC, $400,000

53 S Central St Unit 1: Denoncourt FT 2020 and William Denoncourt to Dena Duggan, $346,500

58 S Chestnut St: Market Square T and Bradley J. Towns to Gladys Albarez, $515,000

52 Salem St Unit C: Sisi Hldg LLC to Shawn P. Mazza and Ana Rusetski, $429,900

618 Salem St: Bradford Unlimited Corp to Mark C. Pistone, $775,000

111 Summer St Unit 8: Mattd LLC to Alina Gardner, $275,000

37 Talmuth Ave: Talmuth Ave RT and Cynthia J. Stabile to Andrew R. Marcotte, $400,000

Tenadel Ave Unit 22-25: Louis T. Fossarelli to Atlantis Investments LLC, $225,000

23 W Parish Ct Unit 23: Jean C. Ramirez and Jocelyn Roberge to Kaylee R. Foderaro, $336,000

89-93 Washington St Unit 2B: Stephen Sheldon to Leslie Brebner, $155,000


77 Ames St: Frank Demattia and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $345,925

264 Ames Street: Daniel Ortega to Enercida N. Salcedo-Frias and Yanna E. Martinez-Salcedo, $696,000

415-417 Andover St: 415-417 Andover St RT and Mohua Sultana to Diony A. and Willy J. Sanchez-Delorbe, $730,000

120 Butler St: Metivier Marciano Est and Maria S. Roque to Enrique E. and Yarilyn Metivier, $400,000

142-144 Chester St: Manolo H. Soler to Francisco A. Mota, $658,000

260 E Haverhill St Unit 21: Ram Gupta to Rafinel Castillo, $170,000

33 Exeter St: Benito E. and Sandra I. Gonzalez to Diego S. Ramirez, $387,000

149 Ferry St: Michael Bartlett to MMS LLC, $295,000

28-30 Hawley St: Carlos R. Mejia to Santiago F. Fuentes, $740,000

12 Kendall St: Leonard Blum to Rosa Altagracia-Salazar and Gabriel Gonzalez, $340,000

140-142 Sanborn Street: Vilix R. Castillo to Irma J. Castanaza-Roque, $400,000

52 Wedgewood Dr Unit 52: Murphy Robert K Est and Sheila D. Roberts to Tony Pham and Mai T. Le, $275,000

137 West St: Aracelis Dejesus-Cruz to Daihanny and Dario M. Suarez, $505,000


3 Booth Rd: Franbooth LLC in Phong T. Nguyen, $640,000

28 Buco Ave: FNMA to Jamal Hamid, $450,000

73 Comet Rd: Amanda F. Espinal to Hallam A. Massiah, $475,000

12 Cooper Ln: Jr Builders Inc to Brian and Jenna L. Cartier, $771,500

14 Frye Rd: Freckle International LLC to Jose L. and Yris A. Montas, $560,000

784 rue Lowell: Hoai T. Tran to Julien Amar and Ana I. Valdez, $731,000

26 Meriline Ave: Elssie C. Hadley and Jesse F. Pazmino to Natalie M. Del-Rosario and Luis E. Morales-Fernandez, $445,000

1 Riverside Blvd Unit 7-204: Anne M. Costello to Rafael A. Deleon and Miguelina Abreu, $330,000

20 Sequoia Dr Unit 20: Linda and Paul Sickorez to Bruce Grunwald and Rebecca Pontius, $789,000

4 Village Ln Unit 4: Duggan 2015 T and Steven D. Sordillo to Maria R. Bevens and Marc A. Lyonnais, $580,000

8 West St: Daniel E. and Erik P. Rettman to Cledson Pereira and Ingrid Dicavalcanti, $472,000


200 Chickering Rd Unit 206B: Teresa E Mahoney LT and Thomas D. Mahoney to Joseph Lubinger, $320,000

34 Compass Pt Unit 34: Sachin Garg at Krutika Invally and Vaibhav V. Baliga, $580,000

14 Edgelawn Ave Unit 1: Rino Gnesi LT and Lawrence J. Ardito to Marie Licciardi, $185,000

47 Edgelawn Ave Unit 12: Alexander Duff to Joseph Gaeta, $300,000

140 Kingston Street Unit 140: Tara Gallant to Thao Tran, $270,000

11 Summit St Unit 11: Dina and Edward F. Bernstein to Yevheniy Fedin and Olena Fedina, $720,000

67 Tucker Farm Rd: Chad R. and Maggie Paquin to Daniel and Amy Shafrir, $975,000

2170 Turnpike St: Jayesh B. and Damini N. Patel to Turnpike Prop LLC, $563,000


7 Greenbriar Dr Unit 309: Alice M. Mulvehill to Dmitriy Ladokha, $310,000

25 Spruce Rd: Knapp Richard R Est and Frederick J. Knapp to Jule Slootbeek and Elisabeth Mitchell, $965,000


135 Beach Rd Unit B114: Roberta D. Low to Joyce Bell, $222,000

163 Bridge Rd: 163 Bridge Road LLC to Carey Properties LLC, $675,000

552 N End Blvd: Melissa and Jason Khalil to F Michael and Lauren F. Lucas, $435,000

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