Microsoft inaugurates its new headquarters in Costa Rica, the largest and most modern in Latin America

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Microsoft has opened its modern offices in the Torre Universal building in La Sabana, located in the city center of the capital San Jose. The opening also served to celebrate the company’s 28 years in Costa Rica; 4 years ago, the company had only 60 local employees and today it employs 1,500.

Daniel Verswyvelthe general manager of Microsoft Central America, said: “Our operational expansion in Costa Rica is the result of our continuous efforts to transform and innovate with Costa Ricans, so much so that we continue to grow our presence in the country, so that we can continue to strengthen our technological ecosystem and give to all people and organizations ways to do more.

He added: “Our facilities at Torre Universal provide the ideal environment to shape the future of technology and to work with our customers and business partners towards digital transformation in Costa Rica and the Americas. Our new headquarters has been designed to create the best experience for our growing number of employees – to provide them with a flexible and inclusive work environment, foster well-being and encourage collaboration and creativity, while maintaining our brand of sustainability and Costa Rican culture. ”

Carlos Alvaradothe President of the Republic, thanked the company for its deep confidence in Costa Rica and our human talent. “The accelerated growth of one of the world’s largest companies is a clear sign that Costa Rica has the resources, education and highly qualified human talent to be a reference in digital transformation on the world stage, working hand in hand with companies like Microsoft.”

Andrés Valenciano, Minister of Foreign Trade, was at the opening and commented: “The trajectory that Microsoft has taken in our country over the past 28 years is a clear example of the commitment we have to work hand in hand with very prestigious companies and create greater well-being for the Costa Rican population. Thanks to our unique and global positioning, the company has established itself in Costa Rica its largest Latin American headquarters, which shows how Costa Rica contributes to the knowledge economy through decarbonization, connectivity and innovation. Furthermore, he mentioned, “We are confident that Microsoft will continue to achieve significant milestones with the help of our human talents and, as a result, will continue to welcome new business units that will continue to contribute to its operations in the Americas.

CINDE Communication and Marketing Manager, Karin Lachersaid: “The global health crisis has been a catalyst to drive digital transformation processes around the world. The most recent figures from UNCTAD show that information and communication technology (ICT) is the fastest growing sector, both in value and number of projects. in 2021, growing by 22% and 15%, respectively. Costa Rica has proven to be the ally of companies leading this global change; Microsoft is one of them. We celebrate their integration of highly complex functions, such as engineering and design. We are confident that Costa Rican talent will be a key part of this new era of Microsoft solutions.”

During the meeting, Microsoft representatives reaffirmed their commitment to the country and shared with the government delegation the development and transformation opportunities they envision for Costa Rica and the region.

“Due to the enormous talent, potential and growth we have witnessed since arriving in the country, we have chosen Costa Rica for Microsoft’s largest operations in Latin America. Here we have established a dynamic platform to develop qualified and high-value talent and we are betting on Costa Ricans, locating our Latin American regional centers here, both for technical customer service and internal sales. “, noted Ineke GeesinkMicrosoft Country Manager in Costa Rica.

Develop human talent. Microsoft has grown from less than 60 employees just 4 years ago to 1,500 today and has created an average of 400 new highly skilled positions each year.

Likewise, it grew from one operating and sales business unit to three, adding Digital Sales and the Support area, which provide their services throughout the United States. In addition, a growing team of engineers, which in a few months will number 150 members, is based in San José and responsible for creating and designing Microsoft’s main products and solutions.

Comprised of 90% Costa Rican talent, Microsoft Costa Rica’s team is enriched by empowered women, ethnic minorities, regional talent and people with disabilities, fulfilling the company’s mission to reflect the society it serves. and integrate all perspectives into the technologies they create. .

The internal teams of [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]and [email protected] (LGTBQI+ Community) have received local and even global recognition for their efforts towards inclusion, diversity and equal opportunity.

Harry Vargasdirector of human resources of Microsoft Costa Rica, added: “We are committed to attracting and developing a workforce that is not only highly qualified but also diverse, thus enabling us to strengthen an inclusive technology ecosystem where we will continue to work to present technological solutions and tools that support organizations in their digital transformation, with the help of our more than 1,000 business partners and that reflect the wealth and needs of the society they serve.”

SOURCE Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency

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