Need more young people in the advertising industry

In the advertising business, you can’t get stuck in one place. Upgrading is needed all the time to survive with the changing industry landscape

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Mediacom has carved a place for itself in the advertising industry in Bangladesh with its standard and quality work. Ajoy Kumar KundaChief Operating Officer of Mediacom, recently shared the company’s success story in an exclusive interview with The Daily Star’s Md Abu Talha Sarker.

It was in the mid-90s when different organizations in Bangladesh frequently made advertisements to promote their products. But the process was not easy. Making an advertisement meant a lot of complications. This is because most of an ad’s top performers, such as creative director, media director, and art director, would have been imported. From their availability, to schedules, to the airing of advertising, everything was a matter of concern.

Square Toiletries has experienced many such complications when running ads for its brand. As a result, the company’s managing director, Anjan Chowdhury, decided to establish an advertising agency under the name “Mediacom”.

Mediacom began its journey the second week of July 1997 with just over four people on board. The organization has moved forward in small steps, according to Mediacom’s chief operating officer.

He enlisted with Bangladesh Television (BTV) within days and then started attracting customers apart from Square and Electro Mart, his first customers, followed by Anchor, SMC, etc.

“It changed the landscape for Mediacom in the advertising industry. We moved to a new office space in Gulshan with a 50-employee setup as the business grew,” Kunda said.

Apart from media buying, other advertising departments also started operating under its roof. From the year 2000, Mediacom started operating as a fully operational agency.

“From the beginning, we have maintained one thing very strictly: the dream of Samson H Chowdhury, founder of Square Group. Chowdhury has often spoken of his dream of wanting Square Group to always be local-run,” he said. added.

With considerable successes and achievements, Mediacom has come a long way and this year entered its 25th year.

“This instruction is being strictly followed even in 2022. Marking its silver jubilee, the company has developed a new payment line this year that resonates with Chowdhury’s dream,” said Mediacom’s chief operating officer.

“Now the company is a fully ‘Made in Bangladesh’ agency,” he added.

The advertising agency does brand consulting, marketing communication, social communication, media planning, public relations, television and newspaper advertisements, event management, etc. for Bangladeshi organizations since 2000, although his journey began in media buying and planning.

Their works are regularly appreciated by different sectors. Some of the most talked about ads from the early days of Mediacom were Konka TV, Panther, Square Hospital, Meril and Jui.

In 2001 Square Food and Beverage Ltd (then Square Consumer Products Ltd) began its journey. Their startup brands such as Radhuni and Ruchi have also carved a niche for themselves in the hearts of consumers through some popular Mediacom ad campaigns.

With customers inside and outside Square, Mediacom continued to reach new heights of success.

In the advertising business, you can’t get stuck in one place. Upgrading is needed all the time to survive with the changing industry landscape. That’s why Mediacom opened its digital media wing in 2016.

Mediacom obtained the “Google Partner Certificate” this same year in March.

In its continued excellence, Mediacom Ltd affiliated with an international advertising agency called Madison Media in January 2017. The two organizations have entered into a pact to work together for the next two years. Under the treaty, Mediacom was given the ability to use various promotional tricks for its Madison Media customers, such as their operating software.

Madison has conducted trainings for Mediacom employees in Bangladesh as well as India. As such. Mediacom is part of the new wave of the advertising world of the 21st century.

During its two-and-a-half-decade journey, many brands have become market leaders with the help of the agency.

From 2011 to 2014, Mediacom planned and executed some of Robi’s most commendable and successful campaigns across ATL, BTL and Digital Media. Some of these campaigns included “Ebaar Hobe”, “Jaamdani”, “Deshpremik”, and “Eid e Notun Jaama”.

Mediacom has been part of the advertising, strategy, media planning-booking-buying departments of different organizations such as bKash, Bata, Brac, SMC, BCCP, FHI, KSRM, Crown Cement, Matador,, Akij Food and Beverage, GPH Ispat and many more.

The company has created many popular commercials with remarkable dialogues or powerful paylines that resonate in people’s hearts.

Mediacom is now a serious competitor in the competitive media planning-purchase-reservation market.

“We provide services to companies like Isfahani, Perfetti, Anwar Group, Akij Group, Akash DTH, Abul Khair Group and Lafarge Holcim,” Kunda said.

It was the only Grameenphone agency to make television bookings at BTV at the initial stage. They have been pioneers in buying international broadcast rights and distributing major national and international sporting events like the 2018 FIFA World Cup, almost all recent cricket world cups and ICC events, and the series of Bangladesh national cricket team cricket.

Mediacom also successfully works in the direction of various events and activities of reputable companies. He is responsible for the planning and general supervision of the country’s biggest culinary reality show, “Shera Radhuni”, and the only folk music reality show, “Magic Bauliyana”.

Mediacom also organizes the “Radhuni Kirtimoti Shommanona” every year to honor successful women in the country on International Women’s Day. And with the support of Meril Baby, Mediacom also organized the country’s first “Baby Olympiad”.

“We are working successfully in outdoor branding, billboards, banner placement all over the country in a regular process with all those things,” Kunda said.

Mediacom has received numerous national and international recognitions for its contributions.

“We won the most awards in most categories in the 4th Dhaka Ad Fest, 2012. Mediacom won the 2nd highest [21 awards] in the biggest recognition of the country’s advertising industry, called “Commward”, organized by the Bangladesh Brand Forum.”

There is nothing for anyone to worry about as all are constantly having to deal with the changing situation and it will be smart work to try and cope with the situation as it will change with the advancement of technology and the ask people.

“For that, we all need to develop our skills and explore new ideas and ensure its proper execution, otherwise no one can sustain themselves in the market,” he said.

The main strength of an organization lies in its resources, including manpower.

“So if we can develop our skills, then it will be easier for us to deal with any situation. Then we won’t have to face any more difficulties to maintain ourselves in the market and in the industry. This applies to all organizations,” Kunda added. .

Today, Facebook and YouTube, among other social media platforms, are doing well in the country and globally as well. So, every organization, be it newspapers, banks, financial institutions or advertising agencies, crafts their content for these media in such a way that it can reach the audience.

“We consider Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in social media that operate under our digital media wing. At this time, we are also running our campaigns on Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and Snapchat on a limited scale.”

“We can’t say that any of the existing social media or any new media will take Facebook’s place in the coming days. We have to try to create media-friendly content for the new situation and then no problem. will emerge,” he said. .

Asked why newspapers such as The Daily Star are now available online, Kunda said it happened because of market demand.

“Because people now like to read news on their cellphones rather than on paper. The media is just doing the same as the readers desire,” he added.

Following the decline in consumer demand online, many renowned newspapers across the world have shut down their print versions because people in developed countries do not have enough time to read the newspaper.

This situation will not happen in Bangladesh all of a sudden, as only 30% of people have internet access, most of whom use the internet through mobile phones.

The advertising industry has a market of around Tk 2,500-3,000 crore in Bangladesh, where more than 100 advertising agencies remain operational and a few thousand people are hired.

The industry is growing day by day. Thus, young people should come as and when needed to help further develop the sector.

“Young people should come as the industry is growing day by day and its potential is increasing with the advent of new technologies which create job opportunities,” Kunda said.

“If someone is a student of marketing, that is also part of advertising and therefore it would be easier for them to work in the latter field,” he added.

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