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He decided to work in the United States for a year, but one year became two, two became three, and eventually he decided to stay. It was then, around 2003, that he began to study and work in CNC machining.

Years later, in 2011, Sara and Jorge reconnected when she went on vacation to the United States. After that, the couple dated and she moved to North Carolina with him in 2013, the year of their marriage.

When she moved to the United States, she brought with her her passion for baking. She cooked for family and friends.

“It’s because of my mother. She loved to cook, ”said Sara. “I always saw how much she liked it. It makes people feel good. I feel that cooking gives me joy and I love to inspire joy and see people’s faces when they see the cake and eat it.

The couple took lessons together and worked on Jorge’s dream of his own CNC business. Jorge started asking people at the company what equipment he would need, how much it would cost and if it was a good idea. People told him it was a bad idea that would cost a lot of money.

Jorge and Sara decided to do it anyway.

“We said, we don’t have a lot of money, but we have dreams,” Jorge said.

Jorge and Sara applied for permits, took out loans, debited their credit cards, and gathered enough money to build a store in a garage in their backyard with the latest CNC technology. After working for weeks to find clients, Jorge got a job in November 2019.

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