NOW tapping into director duo Blinkink for the animation spot


TopCashback, a cashback shopping site, has unveiled a new TV spot featuring a cute hummingbird character with the company logo on it. The campaign was the first created in partnership with NOW, a creative agency hired by TopCashback in May 2021.

With suggestive “hmmmmms” and sweet expressions, the hummingbird gives the viewer an unusual yet friendly reminder to shop through TopCashback to save money. The ad aims to show how the cashback site is on the side of its members, giving them a helping hand to reward them for their daily expenses.

The creative agency appealed Blinkduo of directors Adeena Grubb and Andy Biddle, who used stop-motion animation, combining their charm and craftsmanship, painstakingly hand-stitching the ensemble and characters for the memorable place. Take a moment to enjoy Hmmmingbird:

The TV advertising, which will initially air in the UK, is also supported by the radio business. The planning and media buying of the campaign is handled by Mediacom.

“In developing our first campaign for TopCashback, we were inspired by their philosophy and commitment to helping members save money, so we created our hummingbird character with that in mind,” explained the Creative Director. from NOW, Ben da Costa. “Using stop-motion animation was a real labor of love. We put a lot of care, effort and craftsmanship into the ad, and we’re delighted with the vivid visual style, unusual humor, and originality we’ve achieved. Hope it stands out during a normal commercial break.

“When we read this script, we had the impression that our names were everywhere! Noted directors Grubb and Biddle. “Creating a unique look to meet the brief was a challenge. We wanted to use a material or two that weren’t used so much in stop motion animation, and it was difficult to find references to demonstrate what we meant. The combination of matte fabric, carved wood embellishments and super shiny glass eyes did just that and we are very proud of the result.

The duo continued, “The hummingbird (affectionately called Alfie) was a crucial part of this place as it is the TopCashback logo in real life. We had a lot of fun designing it. It had to be the perfect balance between funny and cute and a bit of “frosty weird.” It slowly took shape, feather by feather, and became the TopCashback Hummingbird of all dreams! We love that it still flies like a real hummingbird despite being a bigger guys. It was a really brilliant project to be a part of, the guys at NOW were very confident and awesome to work with. The whole process felt like a big and beautiful collaboration! “

Source: NOW


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