Old Second Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSBC) declares a dividend of $0.05.

Old Second Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSBC), as reported by data compiled by investing.com, made a dividend payment on Oct. 20. Shareholders who have ensured that the financial services company has their records by the deadline of Friday, October 28 will be eligible to receive a dividend payment of $0.05 per share on Monday, November 7. Again, this payment will be made by the company providing the financial services. As a result, the dividend yield ends up being 1.39%. This dividend payment will be made or not on Thursday, October 27 and the result will be determined.

Old Second Bancorp has increased its dividend every year for the past year, and over the past three years they have increased it every year by an average of 58.7%. This trend has continued during the current year. The payout ratio of 10.7% for Old Second Bancorp demonstrates that the company’s profits adequately cover the dividend paid by the company. Old Second Bancorp should be able to continue paying its current dividend of $0.20 per share, as the company believes its payout ratio will be 10.6% going forward and its annual profit will be $1.89 per share. stock.
When trading began on Thursday, OSBC’s share price was $14.38 per share. The company’s beta value is 1.04 and its market capitalization currently stands at $640.77 million. The price/earnings ratio is 25.23. The debt ratio is 0.31, the current ratio is 0.72 and the quick ratio is 0.72. The total amount of debt to the total amount of equity is 0.31. The stock has traded at an average price of $13.84 per share over the past 50 trading days, while its price has averaged $14.11 per share over the past 200 trading days . Old Second Bancorp hit a low of $11.95 in the past year, while the company hit a high of $15.68 in the same period.

Old Second Bancorp (NASDAQ: OSBC) released the findings of its latest quarterly earnings report on Wednesday, July 27. The financial services company’s quarterly earnings per share came in at $0.31, which was $0.04 lower than the $0.35 analysts had expected for the quarter’s earnings per share to be. The company’s sales for the quarter were $54.48 million, which is a significant increase from the general forecast of $54.27 million for the company’s sales. Old Second Bancorp had a return on equity of 11.69% and a net margin of 12.48%, respectively, at the end of the year. As indicated by financial analysts’ projections, Old Second Bancorp is expected to generate revenue of 1.52 cents per share for the current fiscal year, as indicated by financial analysts’ projections.

Recently, there has been significant activity in the market from various large investors buying and selling the company’s shares. During the second quarter, Legal & General Group Plc achieved a 446.1% increase in the number of Old Second Bancorp shares held in its portfolio. Legal & General Group Plc has increased the total number of shares it holds in a financial services provider by 10,047 since the end of last quarter. This brings the total number of shares she owns in the company to 12,298 and increases the value of those shares by $165,000. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. increased the number of shares held by Old Second Bancorp by 20.7% during the second quarter of the year. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. now has a total of 106,460 shares held by the financial services provider due to the company purchasing an additional 18,261 shares during the period. The company’s shares are currently valued at a combined total of $1,424,000. During the second quarter, Prudential Financial Inc. increased the amount of stock held by Old Second Bancorp by 1.9%, bringing the total amount it held in the company to 100%. After acquiring 1,110 additional shares in the last fiscal quarter, Prudential Financial Inc. now owns 58,298 shares. These shares are currently worth $780,000 at the current market price. The amount of Old Second Bancorp shares held by Occudo Quantitative Strategies LP increased 141.7% during the second quarter due to the company’s recent stock acquisitions. Following the acquisition of an additional 25,363 shares during the period in question, Occudo Quantitative Strategies LP now owns a total of 43,265 shares of the financial services provider, which are collectively valued at a sum equal to $579,000. During the second quarter, State Street Corporation increased the number of Old Second Bancorp shares held to 72.3%. This is a feat that should not be overlooked. State Street Corp. now owns a total of 1,001,589 shares of the financial services provider, worth $13,410,000. This was achieved after the company made an additional purchase of 420,215 shares over time. Hedge funds and other institutional investors hold a combined stake in the company equal to 67.30% of its total stock.

In recent times, various stock analysts have provided comments to the company, which the company has considered. StockNews.com announced on its website on October 12, 2013 that Old Second Bancorp has been added to the list of companies they cover. The article has been made public. They advised investors to “hold” the stock rather than sell it. After conducting research made publicly available on September 29, Piper Sandler reduced her price target for Old Second Bancorp to $18.00. The research included a statement regarding the newly determined price target. Raymond James gave Old Second Bancorp a “Strong Buy” rating on Thursday, July 7, and the investment firm also raised its price target for the company from $18.00 to $18.50. Old Second Bancorp had previously received a ‘c+’ rating. Still, TheStreet ultimately gave the company a “b” rating, which was announced in a report published on Friday, October 14.

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