Rodrigo Chaves: “It’s not that there is no water in Guanacaste, it’s that investments have not been made to provide water”

QCOSTARICA – In Guanacaste this weekend, to celebrate the annexation of the Nicoya Party, also known as Guanacaste Day, President Rodrigo Chaves took the opportunity to address a sensitive topic among the people of the province of La Pampa, the lack of drinking water.

President Rodrigo Chaves held the Guanacaste flag Monday, July 25, after a special cabinet session, which is traditionally held in the province each year. Photo Casa Presidential

Pulling from the hip, the president pointed out that the water problem in Guanacaste is due to the lack of investment in the province.

“It is not that there is no water, it is that investments have not been made to provide water to homes, to the industrial, agricultural and tourist sectors,” said President Chaves.

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Regarding the Paacume project, the main climate adaptation project that aims to provide water to several townships in the province, Chaves said that an analysis should be carried out.

Law 10230 was signed in May by President Carlos Alvarado, days before the end of his term, for a US$425 million loan agreement with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), to finance the Proyecto de Abastecimiento de Agua para la Cuenca Media del río Tempisque y Comunidades Costeras (PAACUME) – Tempisque River Middle Basin and Coastal Communities Water Supply Project.

On May 3, Casa Presidential explained the benefits of the project more than 500,000 inhabitants of Carrillo, Santa Cruz and Nicoya who will have water for human consumption. Some 18,640 hectares will be irrigated 12 months a year and more than 1,200 hectares will have the resource for tourism projects.

“With PAACUME, a new era begins for Guanacaste, where its inhabitants will have water for human consumption with projections for the next 50 years, for agricultural irrigation and for tourism projects,” said the First Lady of at the time and coordinator of the Chorotega region, Claudia Dobles.

“What is being charged for water per cubic meter to large traders on the banks of the Tempisque River is what raises doubts,” President Chaves said on Monday July 25.

“It’s not to give money to the rich, so it’s my doubts about the Pacume project, either the two banks of the Tempisque river are repaired, or we don’t implement the project,” Chaves added. .

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