To defend democracy is to have a free and independent press

The strengthening of democratic institutions requires the effective defense and promotion of human rights, and the promotion and defense of freedom of the press and of expression… not only in the Latin American region but in the world.

The phrase comes from the voice of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Costa Rica, Rodolfo Solano Quirós, during an interview with LISTIN DIARIO, regarding a bilateral visit to the Dominican Minister of Foreign Affairs, Robert Álvarez Gil, in the Dominican Republic.

The Minister also stated that there is no job more dangerous in the world than being a journalist and understands that consolidated democracies, such as those of the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, must raise their voices because “to defend the Democracy means having a free and independent press, this being one of the universal values ​​shared by both nations”.

146 years of relationship
Santo Domingo and San José celebrate 146 years of diplomatic relations, so coming in the month when Dominicans celebrate their independence “has a symbolism to carry the message of the people and the government of Costa Rica, who see in the Dominican Republic this friend preferential and this strategic partner in the Caribbean”.

“The concept of independence that we must understand today in democracies such as those of Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic is that democracy must be lived and is lived through principles such as respect for the effective promotion of human rights and freedom of the press and expression. ,” he said.

He said his visit is not only aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between the nations, he assured. “The two foreign ministers have agreed to elevate our relations to a new stage” which they call “the strategic alliance for comprehensive cooperation”.

Which, he explained, means countries are thinking long-term about nine areas of work that can significantly improve the quality of life for citizens.

By way of example, he detailed areas such as economy and trade, investment attraction, health and quality of life, transport infrastructure, citizen security, education and training. technology, the environment, climate change and the oceans… to name but a few.

On this basis, we want to build thematic agendas of the strategic alliance for global cooperation. Minister Solano stressed that among the most immediate and urgent must be trade promotion and investment attraction.

The shared concern to generate jobs aims to create opportunities to “improve the quality of life, mainly for girls and boys who complete their studies and who have the right to a decent life, decent work, housing, families, health… and we are working to improve conditions.

last two years
Diplomatic relations between Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, in the context of the pandemic, have been an apprenticeship, they are unprecedented, “because no one has taken courses to deal with a pandemic”.

He explained that this experience stems from two fundamental principles: cooperation and solidarity. “We have found in the Dominican Republic the ideal partner to be able to express maximum cooperation and solidarity,” he said.

Minister Solano thanked the gesture of receiving a group of vaccines, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. “The Dominican Republic generously supported us at a time when we needed doses of vaccines. It is a clear example of cooperation and solidarity,” he said.

In the context of the pandemic, he said all efforts must be focused on reviving economies and serving vulnerable populations.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs concluded that “the pandemic has also left us with countries with limited fiscal space and we must call for international solidarity and cooperation because today more than ever we must unite for peace and for the welfare of our people”.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs added that government officials, civil society, and the Dominican and Costa Rican private sector have developed a roadmap with a vision for the future…that transcends the timeline of any given government.

three pillars
The initiative of the Alliance for Development in Democracy in which the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Panama have agreed on a flexible and informal mechanism that contains three pillars of work distributed as follows: political dialogue, coordinated by Panama; cooperation, in charge of Costa Rica and trade and investment, coordinated by the Dominican Republic.

Costa Rica’s position has been to deeply regret and condemn the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. “We have populations who do not have access to drinking water or even a dollar to live on for a day and face this threat of a war of which we do not know when it will end with its economic consequences… c is a senseless act”.

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