Warning Australia as UN talks tackle biodiversity crisis ahead of Glasgow climate summit


A coalition of around 70 countries co-chaired by Costa Rica and France – known as the High ambition coalition – championed a global campaign to stop and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030, including supporting a goal of conserving or protecting at least 30% of the world’s land, and the same percentage of the oceans, by 2030 .

Australia is committed to this global goal but has not made a country-specific commitment, and conservationists say this could mean it avoids major actions, especially if any other countries are doing more.

A spokesperson for Ms Ley said Australia is committed to finalizing an ambitious global biodiversity framework. “Australia fully supports a Global High Ambition Coalition goal of protecting 30% of the world’s land and 30% of the world’s oceans to support biodiversity as part of this vision,” they said.

Australia is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet. It is home to over a million species of plants and animals, and less than half have been scientifically described.

Nat Pelle, nature activist at the Australian Conservation Foundation, said Australia had more at stake than most other countries because of its plethora of unique creatures and fragile landscapes.

“We should decide as a planet – and Australia in particular – not to let endangered species go extinct,” he said.

Critically endangered flora and fauna in Australia include the Mount Cole grevillea, the brilliant black cockatoo, the masked owl, the Burrunan’s dolphin and the black hawk.Credit:Jo Gay

Wilderness Society spokesperson Tim Beshara said that in the future, investors are likely to expect companies to be increasingly transparent about impacts on biodiversity.

Banks could reconsider lending to farmers who raze the bush or engage with mining companies that have a negative effect on the environment, he said.

“Biodiversity is undoubtedly more complex than climate, but that doesn’t give us the right to do nothing about it. “

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