“We let you work”:

The Costa Rican government today presented the “We’ll Let You Work” initiative, which aims to eliminate one of the country’s biggest problems: unnecessary obstacles, requirements and formalities that affect production and job creation.

The Minister of the Presidency, Natalia Díaz, and the Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade, Francisco Gamboa, presented the initiative and are now waiting for the different productive sectors of the country to indicate which processes they consider to be a barrier for business and productivity.

Natalia Díaz confirmed the government’s commitment to resolve the institutional entanglement that not only affects citizens, but also companies and producers. She also expressed that the best way to address business concerns is to listen to those affected by this situation.

Díaz stressed that the administration of President Rodrigo Chaves is convinced that the only way to reactivate the economy is to allow people to work, which is what the government is seeking with this initiative.

“The Government of Costa Rica is absolutely committed to creating more and better jobs; we are an ally of the productive sector. That is why we are implementing, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade, an initiative aimed at eliminating all the obstacles that hinder our development”, explained Natalia Diaz.

“In this sense, we are launching the initiative ‘We let you work’. We consult the different productive sectors – which represent micro, small, medium and large enterprises and ask them to tell us about the bottlenecks that prevent them from generating more jobs,” Francisco Gamboa stressed.

For now, the initiative is focused on removing these barriers through decrees or administrative orders.

Public officials asked the private sector to send their comments by June 15 and specify the obstacle and a proposal to solve the problem.

“We are working on a real economic recovery,” concluded the Minister of the Presidency.

Once this first phase is completed, the government will also consult on the legislative initiatives to be presented to the Costa Rican Congress, in order to continue to eliminate obstacles.

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