You can now buy bitcoin at a new ATM installed in Costa Rica

So far, Costa Rica has only six bitcoin ATMs. However, the management of the Delimart convenience store chain has considered placing several of these machines in some of its 15 stores, all located in the capital, San José. The first team is already active in setting up the G24 service station, in Guachipelín de Escazú.

the cashier alone accept cash colones to buy up to $300 in bitcoin that the user will receive in his personal digital wallet. Flavia Loeb, managing director of Delimart, said that, at the moment, the team is only available to acquire bitcoins, but is willing to include other cryptocurrencies, if requested.

Loeb added that the bitcoin ATM is owned by Edenia Sistemas Edenia Internacional, the company that operates this equipment in Costa Rica. The authorized amounts for the purchase range from 10 to 300 dollars with a commission of 9% of the amount acquired, according to local digital media reports.


Manager Flavia Loeb announced on Twitter that the ATM is enabled for buying bitcoin with cash colones. Source: @flavia_loeb/Twitter

Delimart is now the only convenience store chain that includes bitcoin in its product and service offering. This can give you an edge in a competitive industry that has nearly 200 such establishments in the country, most located at gas stations.

One of the pillars of Delimart’s differentiation is its commitment to hot dogs with imported sausages, and now bitcoin. The store has already caught the public’s attention on Twitter, after Loeb will announce “The inauguration of the first bitcoin purchase terminal in stores in the country”.

“It’s a way to start educating and bringing people closer to new technologies,” the executive said.

There are already six ATMs installed in Costa Rica

As can be seen through Coin ATM Radar, Delimart’s This is the sixth bitcoin ATM installed in Costa Rica, however, the Central American country has other alternatives for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

In the country, increasing attention is being paid to the emerging economy, even on the radio a new weekly program called “Crypto – Economy” is broadcast, which deals with topical issues on cryptocurrencies.

There is also talk of Bitcoin mining with the hydroelectric power of the Poás River, which is 35 kilometers from the Costa Rican capital, where About 650 miners, belonging to 150 customers, operate daily without interruption.

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